Terms of Reference End of Project Evaluation – She Feeds the World (SFtW)To Apply please submit electronic copies technical and financial proposal at UGA.procurement@care.org. The subject of the email should read “Application to conduct end of project evaluation for SFtW project”. No applications shall be accepted later than February 15 2022 Close of Business.

Background of the project

The PepsiCo Foundation is investing $18.2 million in CARE’s She Feeds the World (SFtW) program over six years to reach 5 million small-scale farmers and their families in six countries. SFtW is currently underway in Uganda, Egypt and Peru. SFtW is a programmatic framework that recognizes the vital role that women small-scale producers play in global food production by empowering women small-scale producers to access the resources, support, information, skills and confidence they need to invest in their farms, businesses, families and communities. As a result, women boost production and generate income that they use to send their children to school, feed their families more nutritious meals, keep their children healthy, expand their businesses and employ others, and build savings that help them during tough times.

Through The PepsiCo Foundation’s commitment of $2M to SFtW in Uganda, CARE is implementing a four-year project in western Uganda (Kyenjojo and Kyegegwa districts), aiming to reach 490,000 participants (120,000 direct and 370,000 indirect), of whom 70% are women. The goal is to improve food and nutrition security of poor rural households, with a strong emphasis on women small-scale producers. The project is being implemented in partnership with a local NGO called Joint Efforts to Save Environment (JESE) and local governments of Kyenjojo and Kyegegwa. Through SFtW Uganda CARE is addressing inequalities that exclude women’s agricultural participation and access through five outcome areas: supporting women’s empowerment; enabling nutrition improvement; strengthening women’s access to markets; improving women’s access to productive resources; and expanding benefits across communities. Restrictive social and gender norms and traditions hinder women’s full participation in decision-making processes in the project area. And women’s inadequate access to services limits their rights and opportunities to fully participate in the agricultural sector.

Objective and specific objectives of the evaluation

The SFtW project will end on the 31st May, 2022 and an external end of project evaluation is planned to take place during the final implementation phase of the project activities. As this is an end of project evaluation, its objective is to assess the extent to which the project has delivered against its expected results and to provide feedback for new strategic directions or implementation designs and delivery.

Procedure for applying

To Apply please submit electronic copies technical and financial proposal at UGA.procurement@care.org. The subject of the email should read “Application to conduct end of project evaluation for SFtW project”. No applications shall be accepted later than February 15 2022 Close of Business.


Kindly note that effective 1st January 2022, CARE International will require all its staff to be fully vaccinated with COVID 19 to access any CARE office premises.

N.B: Refer to the job description below for more details about the job.

Department: Consultancy


The evaluator will:

  • Prepare an inception report which will outline; detail the evaluators’ understanding of what is being evaluated and why, showing how each evaluation question will be answered by way of: proposed methods; proposed sources of data; and data collection procedures, proposed schedule of tasks, activities and deliverables, designating a team member with the lead responsibility for each task or product. The inception report will be discussed and agreed upon with all stakeholders.
  • Conduct the evaluation as planned and discuss with CARE if any changes need to be made to the work plan
  • Ensure compliance with all legal requirements in his/her country of origin (taxes, etc.).
  • Undertake consultancy within the timeframe agreed
  • Manage the evaluation team
  • Lead data collection and analysis processes
  • Produce and submit an evaluation report including recommendations
  • Amend report in light of feedback from the evaluation steering group
  • Submit final report as per timeline agreed

Key Qualifications and Competencies

  • A Master’s degree in a relevant field of work related to public health, social science and agriculture, gender studies, human rights, and project management.
  • Minimum 10 years’ experience in Evaluation of Complex Multi-Year and Multi-Sector programs incorporating Food security, livelihoods and Gender
  • Knowledge of strategic and operational management of development programs, and proven ability to provide strategic recommendations to key stakeholders.
  • Should have knowledge and experience in gender and women rights issues.
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.

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AB. Gabazira
Country Director, CARE International in Uganda