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Video Credit: Current and past staff & consultants with CARE International in Uganda. (Click to play video)

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Unimaginable violence made Cecile a widow and mother

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International Women’s Day (IWD) 2019

Put the HER in HERo this women’s day – We are celebrating all the HERo’s in Uganda, from 

Refugee settlements in the West Nile& Kyangwali to women across Uganda, The resilient women who have transformed their lives with the support of CARE Uganda

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Celebrating Gender Parity at CARE Uganda on IWD 2019

Let’s celebrate that, for the first time in 50 years of history and existence in Uganda; CARE has 

achieved having 50% female staff overall. This is an achievement to celebrate as this result is not accidental but very deliberate. It has sometimes come at a cost, having to accept to delay the start of projects or certain components to ensure we would attract women and have women on the shortlist. It also meant being strategic about our recruitment and selection processes and the coaching, mentoring and supporting of our internal female talent but also our male gender champions, without whom women would not feel comfortable growing in our organization.

Let us continue to make sure all staff in CARE Uganda, women, men, people with disabilities whom we also hope to attract more in the future, with different backgrounds, religions, tribes, sexual orientation, gender identity feel welcome and appreciated in line with our Gender Equity and Diversity values.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we celebrate our own story of change, a story that demonstrates that with deliberate efforts, gender justice is possible!

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Women benefit from VSLA

Showcasing WAYFIP’s contribution towards Women Economic Empowerment 

Showcasing WAYFIP’s contribution towards Women Economic Empowerment as we celebrated International Women’s Day under the theme; ’’Women Economic Empowerment in the Changing World of Work’’ – 2017

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The HEAL Project

Securing Batwa Health, Education, Agriculture and Land Rights in Uganda.

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From Despair to Joy

The Untold Story of the Batwa Communities In Kisoro and Kabale Districts.

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Natural Resources At Stake

Natural Resources at stake: Is it a question of Governance or management? CARE in…

Natural Resources at stake: Is it a question of Governance or management? CARE International in Uganda through her partner ACCU’s intervention is raising eye brows among leaders and media attention. They have also documented these encroachment issues as herein the video.

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The SAVE UP Project

The impact of SAVE UP Project – VLSA Programme

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Kigezi Business Development Services (KBDS)

Promoting Farmer Market Linkages – A Case in South Western Uganda

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Scaling Up Saving to Augment Income Nationaly

VSLA’s Promoting Self Financing Among the Rural Poor

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NUWEP – Voices of the Impact Group Members

NUWEP – Voices of the Impact Group Members. Transforming lives of women and girls of reproductive age to enjoy their social, economic, political and sexual rights