She Feeds the World Business Incubation and Mentoring Model TORShe Feeds the World Project

Terms of Reference

Conducting a Market assessment and Support of Value Chain Actors through a Business Incubation and Mentoring Model in Kyegegwa and Kyenjojo.


CARE International in Uganda secured funding from PepsiCo Foundation to implement a Food and Nutrition Security project for 3 years. The aim of the project is to improve the food and
nutrition security of poor rural households with strong emphasis on women small-scale producers in Kyenjojo and Kyegegwa Districts. She Feeds the World Uganda will increase food
security, and build resilience and incomes of vulnerable women and girls, by engaging targeted communities in more sustainable ways of farming as a business. CARE has worked in Uganda for nearly 50 years and in the target districts for the last 10 years on improving access to and promoting governance of natural resources by poor communities that heavily depend on forests, wetlands, lakes and rivers for their livelihoods. The project started in June 2018 and will end in May 2021. CARE plans to enroll producer-marketing groups under the SFtW project to a business incubation process to focus on nurturing them in the early stages of growing enterprises that have a high potential to become competitive agribusinesses. The process will be informed by a market assessment study that will aim determining the potential for growth, profitability and employment opportunities offered by identified commodities. The study will highlight will highlight up to 3 value chains with great potential for the target beneficiaries (women). The incubation process will ensure that farmers get services for value addition, provide business development, market access, financial access, mentoring and networking.

Project Scope

The project will be implemented in 16 sub counties of Kyenjojo and Kyegegwa districts. The project target population are 70% of women and women-headed households whose principal
source of income is small-scale production, both agriculture and animal husbandry. The target population typically suffers from poor nutrition and unreliable income streams that keep
themselves and their households in a perpetual state of poverty. SFtW project intends to reach 120,000 direct and 370,000 indirect beneficiaries over the course of the three-year totalling to 490,000 people reached.

The project Objective:

To increase food security and build resilience and incomes of vulnerable women and girls in the two districts of Kyegegwa and Kyenjojo in Western Uganda, by engaging targeted communities in a more sustainable ways of farming as a business.

Department: Consultancy.

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CARE’s global humanitarian mandate shall also come to bear as and when an emergency hits Uganda.

Thank you to all who supported us on this journey, including the untiring colleagues at CARE International in Uganda.

AB. Gabazira
Country Director, CARE International in Uganda