CARE Uganda Newsletter – The Paper Crane Issue 3 September 2018: Issue 3

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

On behalf of the staff of CARE International in Uganda and myself, I cordially welcome you to the 3rd issue of CARE Uganda’s Newsletter, The Paper Crane. This Newsletter is a demonstration of some of the work we do and our commitment to ending poverty and Gender Based Violence, especially among women and girls covering two quarters (April – September) 2018. If you read Mafi’s story (name changed), you might feel tears roll out like me when I read it but then when you will read about Esther, “Mafi’s angel” you feel so proud to be part of CARE! We have a great team of committed colleagues like Esther in many parts of Uganda. Thanks for supporting Esther help Mafi and the many women, girls, men and boys who need us and to whom we try to pay tributes through this newsletter. Thanks to all colleagues who contributed to this newsletter, particularly to Tara Agaba, our new Peace Corps volunteer who has put Viola’s story as a cartoon which we can now use in our IEC and BCC work on menstrual cups!. Enjoy reading!

Country Director Delphine Pinault

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