Covid-19 Emergency Response and Mid-Term Adaptation Strategy (April - June 2020) Theme: Covid-19 Emergency Response and Mid-Term Adaptation Strategy

 We Prepared Our Staff To Deal With Covid-19 Pandemic

After confirming the first COVID 19 case in Uganda and subsequent lockdown by the Government , CARE
undertook some measures to prepare staff and enable business continuity as follows:

1.1 We provided an online mandatory course for all staff on how to maintain personal safety at home and in
office as well as in the community for staff who had continued working on the frontline during the lockdown

1.2 We trained and provided all our staff with Personal Protection Kits which included face masks (reusable and
non resuable) hand sanitizers, soap and hand washing facilities in offices, women safe spaces and First Aid kits in all the vehicles Covid 19 updates and risk awareness was done during staff meetings for staff and through various engagements with partners and community members

1.3 With HR’s support, we classified staff into Essential and Non Essential, where the former continued to work
from the CARE field offices while the latter worked remotely from the Kampala office and their homes as

1.4 We ensured safe office working environment including deploying temperature guns, regular sanitizing
of public surfaces, social distancing, reducing the number of staff in all our offices at any one time using
office rosters

1.5 We provided regular psychosocial support and online counselling for all staff especially frontline staff on how to deal with the stress, anxiety and fear of the unknown impact on themselves and their families in relation to the pandemic

1.6 We conducted regular communication with all staff providing updates from GOU and emphasizing the need for all staff to adhere to MOH guidelines and safety measures

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Thank you to all who supported us on this journey, including the untiring colleagues at CARE International in Uganda.

AB. Gabazira
Country Director, CARE International in Uganda