Business Plan 2021-2025

Thank you to all who supported us on this journey, including the untiring colleagues at CARE International in Uganda. We look forward to working with you all during the next five years to change the lives of vulnerable women and girls. 

AB. Gabazira
Country Director

Executive Summary

Having worked in Uganda since 1969, CARE International will continue to positively impact the lives of women and girls in the country. This document outlines the strategic direction that
CARE, together with partners, will take between 2021 and 2025.

During the coming period, CARE will focus on the following program choices:

  • CARE will support women and girls to strengthen their livelihoods and reduce the proportion of women and girls living in poverty by ensuring that women and girls have equitable access to and control over economic resources and opportunities.
  • CARE will promote climate justice for women and girls and ensure that women and girls are less vulnerable to risk and more resilient to climate shocks and stresses.
  • CARE will advocate for gender justice to ensure that women and girls experience greater gender equality so that they can enjoy lives free from violence (LFV), and realize their rights
    to Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH).
  • CARE will deliver gender-responsive humanitarian assistance emphasizing disaster preparedness, inclusiveness, resilience humanitarian development nexus and localization.
  • CARE will work with partners to expand the Village Savings Loan Associations (VSLAs) nation-wide and engage groups as leaders in the fight for gender equity in all spheres of life.
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